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If we were to look at all City spending in the General Fund in FY2014 as being equal to $1, this is how the money would be broken out:

$0.37 Public Safety (Police, Fire, 911)

$0.13 Leisure Services  

$0.11 Public Works & Public Transit  

$0.10 Appropriation to Capital Debt* (money used to repay loans taken to finance big projects)  

$0.08 General Government 

$0.05 Community Development Services  

$0.04 Information Technology  

$0.03 Solid Waste Services  (this is financed through user fees and charges but receives a subsidy from the General Fund)

$0.01 Financial Management  

$0.07 Appropriation to Capital Program* (money set aside to pay for large City projects)

$0.01 External Agencies   

*Fixed expenses that are allocated to finance major projects.

Now, if it were up to you, how would you choose to allocate the money?  Remember, capital debt and capital program amounts have to stay the same as in FY14.  Everything else can change.

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